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Full Version: Heat issues, some advice please?
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GHey guys,

I’m having a blast tuning and learning to drift my YD-2. However, I have some issues with the ESC overheating. It hasn’t quit on my yet, but it’s definitely too hot even after some pretty kind hearted revving on hardwood for a few minutes. The motor gets pretty hot too, but the ESC is worse. I’m thinking my battery is the culprit, but wanted to ask here before I spend money anywhere.

Here’s my setup:
Gearing: been trying 18/84 (12.133 final) and 26/84 (8.4 final)
Motor: 9.5T (3900kv) This one
ESC Toro 160A
Battery: 5000 mAh 45C 7.4V LiPo

Could someone be so kind and explain to me what’s the cause of the scorching ESC? Thanks!!
Did you get to the bottom of this?

First few things that come to mind are:
Faulty wiring
Motor timing
ESC programming
Do you have a temp gun at all?
What about the battery, is it getting hot at all?
Is the timing on esc and motor standard?
Is the motor/esc wiring getting hot to?