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Full Version: NYC 1/10 DRIFT 08/01/2018
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Hello People of NYC

I was into RC 1/10 drifiting like 10years ago but i came back to the hobby
seem like the hobby died..... and no one seems to be doing this hobby..
Trying to find a club or group of people who still drift in NYC
I'm in NYC also, but there are no active tracks here. I go to a track in south NJ.
Yup. NJ and a few guys in NY. Check fb
dammm!!! new jersey?! im surprise i got messages from new yorkers?!?!
lets start a club in nyc?
Where in NYC are you? There are just not enough people in the area that are into it.
Dam wtf happen to rc cars....

Im in Mid town near 48th street and 6 ave...

do you know the name of the south nj tracks?
I sent you a PM!
I'm in NY. Got about 5 guys with me looking to drift.