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Full Version: best chassis for mounting hardbody pickup
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Hi, Im new so im down to go 2 or 4wd.
         need a chassis, and I just dont know where to start looking. really need that body to sit low... 
 i know thats an issue with the deep bed. rc4wd 10th scale blazer  Wheelbase: 11.3in / 287mm
i want somethin thats kinda nice too. thanks for th help.

[Image: truckb2.jpg]
How wide is body?

Std touring car is 186-190mm but if you want wheels to tuck inside you might want to start with a "mini" chassis to start modding from. Mini track starts from about 165mm, add your +10 wheels both sides & you're up to 185 etc etc

Wheelbase is next issue... if you've stolen a toy shell you'll probably not be covering 260mm std wheelbase.

Haha how about a crawler? :) some ppl have drifted a Tamiya CC01 chassis...