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Full Version: RWD surface/chassis questions
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Hi all,

Just had a few questions in relation to the surface for RWD. Im lucky to have a couple of areas at my house that i currently use a CS setup. Ive been away from RC for a while and have returned to see that RWD dominates so i am willing to give it a go.

From what i understand its essential that the surfaces used for RWD must be completly smooth. The area that id like to use at my house is a fairly flat and fairly smooth concrete area. However it is definitely a different surface to the ones i come across on youtube that are smooth polished concrete. 

Ive attached a photo of the area, let me know your thoughts on if this would be a good area to practice RWD. 

Im yet to purchase a chassis and i feel as if the surface/area i have to play with is the only thing holding me back right now.
Yokomo is supported quite well in my area so i am looking at a yokomo YD2S Plus for a chassis. Any recommendations for tyres/motor/gyro would also be appreciated.
Happy to spend money for good quality product the first time round also.