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Full Version: Yokomo kingpin angle front steering blocks
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Interesting option part for all you yokomo guys, as well as those modding their chassis to use DP type c ball support arms.
banzaihobby says:
By offsetting the kingpin of the upper and lower angled to kingpin axis, is steering block is changed to positive camber, such as vehicle tires counter steer outside when you turn off the steering wheel. It is also possible that the affinity with the counter drift is good, traction of the front up in the ground plane change when you turn off the full steering and make driving a controllable. The lineup of two types of 12 degrees and (SD-415S10 ● 3,200) 10 degrees, you can use it according to the situation kingpin angle.
※ kingpin axis package can be changed during operation, both up and down is the A-arm · Type-C only ball support.

[Image: 75cdd8abfbae2be7edeb87cb957d77ca.image.290x193.JPG]
[Image: sd_415s10_03.JPG]
[Image: sd_415s12_02.JPG]
[Image: sd_415s10_04.JPG]
to bad the yokomo ones have the crappy old school arms :(

i love my kazama knuckles tho :)
That's pretty cool.. Good find.. Another part I can use for kpi..hehe
(05-01-2013, 12:47 PM)robb41488 Wrote: [ -> ]to bad the yokomo ones have the crappy old school arms :(

i love my kazama knuckles tho :)

I see what you mean. I didn't realize kazama arms also had options for kpi adjustment.. What's the retail $ on those arms. I want to pick up a set for a project I'm working on=)
i paid $25 for my knuckles :)
(05-02-2013, 06:15 AM)robb41488 Wrote: [ -> ]i paid $25 for my knuckles :)

Where did you get them?
rc-art.net and ebay both have them. just search kazama DRB
What cvd's will work with the new yokomo uprights? Just yokomo! im planing a type c front end in with my vdf 2 maybe use the active suspension setup with the yok uprights or the kazama ones?
Kazama arms have some clearance issues.
and if you already have type C ball joints Kazama will not fit.

the first picture is misleading. (this is DPM)

If they are for the type C
the thread will be different than DPM therefore the screws pictured will NOT fit.
Type C uses the tapping thread for plastic knuckles.

Yokomo site says they are OK for type C ball of course in the other pics
but make sure you match your parts.  

If you want to use a 3M screw then order the DPM parts.
If you want to use the ball, order the type C specifically.
thats some quality information  ^^