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Full Version: Tokyo drift Evo
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Here’s some pictures of a project I’ve been working on for my son, we’re so happy with it that it will probably be just on display.

[Image: 6915983ac9eef608b7be61e83035e243.jpg]
[Image: c2b1805476ff450766641b86435a99c0.jpg]
[Image: 1e9c7d615823e92114e9ce3398704ba2.jpg]
[Image: 52290a1740ad0e2a604e932ac96e37a9.jpg]
[Image: e622e02e5094c81aec44d23321a368a2.jpg]
[Image: 8cd2bd6810739eaf1a425553a2d426f3.jpg]
[Image: cc0b2e45b6b55a61f9ea9cd05d310391.jpg]