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He Guys,
Got a Aoshima on it's way, will keep this post updated with photos!
very excited, has all the flat panels I need to work on..

finished! here's a few pics! hope u guys like it..
[Image: IMG_1470_zps9e2dd8f3.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1458_zps87c5e566.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1423_zps3fe400fc.jpg]
Hey, cant wait to see it. Your bodies are amazing :)
This is gonna be sweet!
yeah dudes,
Now ya making me nervous!
should ne here next week.
Waiting heehee
(05-02-2013, 04:49 AM)eazy street Wrote: [ -> ]yeah dudes,
Now ya making me nervous!
should ne here next week.

yea eazy....Were counting on you... So dont f#%k this up =[...

Im sure it'll come out awesome like all the other shells you've posted;)
he he he, thanks guys!

I'm waiting too, the owner said it's been shipped. So should be in my hands next week.
Should turn out OK..Angel
Well ill be here to see it heehee
So it landed today. and naturally I stared at it for a while and started work.

STAGE 1. Chose a very different path and gambled on this colour. It's like a Apricot/Orange Candy. it's base on the main Tattoo which will be the last stage for this build. Remember the protective film is still on!
Hope u guys like it..
[Image: Untitled-1-2_zps807f0ab1.jpg]
This colour is off the chain! I really dig it, Eazy.
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