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Full Version: Cody's Pandora R32 four door.
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Hey guys just wantend to share my new project that i Just finished the new pandora r32 four door. I had a lil issue with the paint other than that Im happy with the way it came out.
[Image: IMG_5169_zpsba09656f.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5168_zps78a5cae4.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5172_zpsf235ad02.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5173_zpsc94b5f30.jpg]
now thats awesome.. love it.. it reminds me of the mikuni r32..
Thanks Combat.  I was going for a 326 power style.
Where did you get this? I want one.. Hehe..
Banzai has them.
Very nice job....great color, and the rims are nice and shiny..me like alot
Got it at place called rc max online.
pretty dope.

how do you like the light buckets?
Thanks. I like the light brackets so far.I haven't installed lights yet though.
they look better than the usual peices of flat plastic with vague outlines pandora is known for
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