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Full Version: Lurker
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Been looking around here for awhile. I've owned several Nitro HPI cars in the past, but recently purchases an E10 to practice drifting. I've gotten a little carried away with all the customization, but that's half the fun from the looks of it anyway.

Hope to learn a lot more about the mechanics of the hobby!

[Image: IMG_0513.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0517.jpg]
welcome to DM. dope g35!
Welcome to DM, and as rob said,.....in other words, real nice g35:)
Welcome to DM
Welcome to DM!  You gotta share more of your hellaflush R35 over here!  Love the oil cooler!

Is this a daily driver or a show car?  I hella flinched at the lower pic when I thought, "driveway".  lol
Welcome! :) and mind telling me what kind of wheels those are??
hpi rays 57s colored by sharpies would be my guess :)
Welcome to DM,nice twins.     l wish I could find a sheel of my 02 wrx wagon so I could build twins.
Thanks for the warm welcome! The big G isn't daily driven.  

[Image: bridge11.jpg]

The RC wheels are done in sharpie :D

[Image: 8d0b5c04-5199-443b-9806-13d00e3938a5_zpsd5bdb23f.jpg]
What a cool hobby! Cool car model)) is very nicely done)