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Full Version: Noob rc drifter
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Wassup everyone! I'm new to the rc drift scene got inspired by you tube, got my first chassis. I found a tt01e for $80 came with a motor and esc, spectrum dx3c reciver and transmitter for $90, hi tec multi charger $60, 7.2 5000 nimh bat $30 and cheap $10 servo. The only upgrades I did so far is a lock rear diff and a front one way. So far I'm having a blast it's a great stress reliever and a lot of fun. Props to everyone on this forum, you all already answered a lot of questions I had and I'm sure ill have a lot more... Thx
welcome, post some pics when you get a chance.
Welcome to DM!
We both noobs!
Welcome to the forums...
Welcome to DM, have fun:)
welcome to the addiction