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Full Version: what's up all
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Just got into the r/c drifting scene. I've always been into r/c, while in Japan for 5 years, I kept coming across these yokomo r/c's. Checked them out, and I've been hooked every since. I've noticed that there is so much to do with them, I'm here to learn and share with everyone. Again Hello to all.
Welcome and what you running.. I used to live in Japan too.. Miss every minute of it..
yeah I miss it too, trying to go back sooner or later. I'm just running one of the normal drit packages from Yokomo. The HKS HIPER SILVIA drift package. I'm still getting in the swing of things when it comes to the chassis and all. I'm just learning so I didn't want to get something too advanced and wreck it...
There are some folks building up some wicked drift packages here.. So much now you can do with them...
yeah, I've been looking around and some of these packages are insane, I'm trying to find tips on how to do some of this to make my cars original. BTW what are you running?
I have a RC stable... So I have a bit of everything... Hehe

cyclone s
Sakura d3
2 R31
cool man, How long have you been into this? I saw your thread on the rollcages, that's pretty sweet, I didn't think that it would be that easy... is there anything else that you've come up with as far as modding the bodies?
Well I was into it a while back when it first started in Japan.. Just gotten back into it.. So I am pretty new, but learning more and more.. Yeah the roll cage is pretty easy to do...and as far as body mods what are looking for? So I can point you in the right direction..
I know it's all body dependant, but things like engine bays making your car look beat up, name brand rims that sorta thing.
Hey, and welcome to DM:)
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