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Full Version: Formal Intro LOL
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Hey guys,
Im just sitting here bored at work and thought I would formally introduce myself.
My names Hayden - 22 years old I live in Brisbane, QLD - Australia.

Currently in sales for a company that manufactures pressure cleaners called ThoroughClean Water Blasters, I have been here for 15 months and im bored as shit lol the industry has slowed up due to politics so im lucky to be in a job.

I currently spend most of my paid time on this forum so I thought I would do this.

Im engaged with a little boy on the way due in September so its very exciting.

I love fishing, camping, four wheel drivin, rc drifting and long walks on the beach (with a surf rod in hand) anyone would think this is a dating forum lol.

Anyway enough of me, thanks for a great forum and a place for me to escape.

and thanks for you guys having patience with me and my noob posts.
welcome to dm bud :)
Welcome.. And there is no stupid questions here.. Everyone is happy to help..
Welcome to DM!:) and as combat stated, always glad to help:)
Welcome, everyone here seems very friendly so far, I am also pretty new here
(05-17-2013, 12:55 AM)Rusty180SX Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome, everyone here seems very friendly so far, I am also pretty new here

Everyone tries to be as friendly as possible;) no need to be mean around here;p