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Full Version: Brisbane, Aus.
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Hey! I'm Sam, from (as the title states) Brisbane, Australia.
Picked up my first RC Drifter about 3 years ago, which was a "Great Vigor - Tokyo Drift", played with it for a week, broke it, and my closet became it's new living quarters. After moving into my own house a few months back, i found new interest in it. So i fixed what i had to, took it to a few local Tracks and realized Shaft Driven cars were old news, so i bought a HPI Sprint 2. Had that for about a week and decided to pick up something with a little more class; OTA-R31. Still figuring it out, which is why I'm here, to get opinions and tips.

Running a Hobbywing EZRUN 9T Combo in the R31, Don't currently have a shell to fit it, but i'll be sure to post pics when i do.
Welcome mate, where in the brisvegas are ya? im @  Ipswich
welcome dude another QLDer, im from the Gc!
Northside, Kedron to be precise.
Welcome to DM:)
Sweet, another aussie, welcome!
welcome to DM :)
Had a play with my old s13 beater shell. First shell i painted, so it's dodgy as hell
Also my attempt at a home made cage & exhaust
Needs a little camber on the rear and some Flares.
[Image: 2vm64up.png]

[Image: 2n2ky9.png]

[Image: al0mxs.png]

[Image: 2v3241z.png]

[Image: 2v0yfsg.png]
looks like it needs ALOT of camber hahaha
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