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Full Version: Stalwart, mostly sideways
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Computer junkie through teen age, i rediscovered cars in my twenties. After too many years of Quake 2/3 trickjumping, DeFRaG and Warsow, sideways seemed to be the only logical way of driving a vehicle.

Proud owner of E30 and E36
[Image: Agi76z5CIAEAdiH.jpg:large]

Obviously, driving them sideways...

My signature body, NOS Energy Drift R35
[Image: i4uhpidrift024small.jpg]

My hateful TA05-VDF with front battery conversion
[Image: 6fhr]

Sideways too...

Quite successfully, actually...
[Image: AtN_FBF69B2A-6309-422F-95A6-9F6C9ED29DFA.jpg]

Next step is the Open European Championship 2013 next spring ;)

I also wrote Countersteer Calculator for iOS
Welcome to DM!
That snow drift vid looks like fun. - You ┬┤re probably looking forward to the winter already? ^^ ...
welcome Drift King