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Full Version: Overdose Full Set
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I was reading Yodo-san's blog and he mentions that Ito-san (overdose Boss) is considering a full OD kit in the future.


the only question is...

how much?
Probably be a limited run with an expensive price tag.. Hehe
Will it be a new design from the ground up or based on something already out there?  Either way this sounds awesome!
Here is Yodo-san's blog post run through google translate... Maybe Russ can give you a better translation? But it seems as though they are working on an original design?... I could be very wrong, and they are just planning to release a full OD drift package chassis.

Good morning.

Shizuoka Hobby Show annual yesterday.

Recent years, ... I feel every year radio control booth like is shrinking ....

The ~ Hey is lonely ... to much would overlook if you stand at the entrance.

Well, I would not be helped because it is such a time,

It is such industry OD 'll I'll liven up!

Plans to send out in July Brand New machine at all! !

Rather than the conversion kit which are common to drift,

Complete Full Kit! ! !

~ President Ito, hey I have to spurt.

As development forces,

Since going to the finished car to go together a long time to design firm,

I want you to look forward to.

Full kit of such OD,

Mechanical loading'll complete.
I think it looks like their kit is going to be rear motor, with inline battery, much like the TA-06... but carbon/aluminum. Colour looks pink from the looks of their test chassis. Caught a small glimpse of it in the background on Yoda's blog.
Oh woops, I didn't see that thread lol. Really does look like a reverse layout DIB XD