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Full Version: new Oreolai arms and c-hubs
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these are pretty dope... looks like a type-c style c-hub delete.

[Image: 943282_381964048590782_174952142_n.jpg]

wow found another pic......  and a price.... $195 for the set of 4!

[Image: 901166_512099718843702_1976750183_o.jpg]
i think its more to accomodate kpi
adjustable camber, caster, kpi and track width.... but whats the hex screw on the chub for in the bottom pic? looks like you can change the height of the top ball end connector. i assume this is to adjust body roll??? SweetB)
wow.. $195 for 4??? I could buy another chassis off ebay or sumtn lol

But they do look nice :)
these are awesome.. arent they only releasing a couple of these? would be awesome to get a set.. so much adjustability with these.. i want a set!!!
They're made by Oreolai, and good for Yokomo, Tamiya, and Street Jam. According to Oreolai they will not fit MST chassis.

Here is a link to their facebook page with more details, as well as photos.

well i got an OTA31 and it will probably fit my 16fm..
(05-20-2013, 10:47 PM)Frias65 Wrote: [ -> ]wow.. $195 for 4??? I could buy another chassis off ebay or sumtn lol

But they do look nice :)

Haha Ikr....who buys this stuff?
this guy would!! you have to pay to play sometimes...

more pics.

[Image: 971409_513054435414897_1080526157_n.jpg]
[Image: 941763_513054372081570_1250839664_n.jpg]
[Image: 971784_513054472081560_860959999_n.jpg]
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