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Full Version: AE86 levin Hotversion / TRD
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my last one body Levin AE86 hotversion / TRD

body: HPI Levin
light bucket: YOKOMO
rim and tires: RC ART
Exhaust and mirror: Tamiya
paint: createx
stikers: homemade

this is not a replica I was inspired many of the different model exustant. that's why there is not the body kit N2.

[Image: levinTRD6.jpg]

[Image: levinTRD5.jpg]

[Image: levinTRD4.jpg]

[Image: levinTRD3.jpg]

[Image: levinTRD2.jpg]

[Image: levinTRD1.jpg]

[Image: levinTRD.jpg]
Best Levin ever! Im liking that a lot!
thats hot!
This is really cool.
very nice! reminds me on AE86 racing in Tsukuba from BMI videos
thank's Shy

yes it is but it almost without body kit N2
Very good job man!! I like that ;)
very clean work, nice job
a classic :)
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