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Full Version: Newish RC Drifter
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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen..

Just purchased a HPI Sprint 2 Flux. i have been previously RC drifting a few years ago with a HPE E10 absolutely hate shaft driven cars (PERSONALLY) so i got the best full setup i could find that did not require construction and am looking to do little things to the chassis...

If anyone knows what i should do and links on how to do it i would much appreciate it

Thanks Daniel !!
welcome homeslice haha do u still wanna cs this? if so anyone able to help him? lol
Welcome to DM!

Not all shaft cars are bad.  Some are outright kickass (looking at my XXX-D)

What did you have in mind with with your S2? There's quite a few S2 drivers around here.
Welcome to DM!:)
Welcome. I also have a sprint 2... my recommendations (and probably everyones who has a sprint 2) are a locked rear diff, front one way, and universal dogbones upfront cuhz the regular ones will chatter with the one way.
If you want to cs it you will deffinitely want to cut part of left and right c hubs I think its called. Youll see whats stopping the car from turning more. This will get you more steering angle.  
Idk know how you go cs now lol since the guy I bought my kit from stopped selling them... im pretty sure someone else knows the parts

But if you want to contact the guy I bought mine from to see what he used or if he still has any his facebook is calidrifttech
Welcome to DM