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Full Version: A Samurai says hello ^^
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Hello guys,
my name is Takumi, I'm 18 years old, I live in Germany.
Been drifting a few years but I never get bored
I'm a founding member of Samurai Sideways Drift Team and some of you know me from other sites.
I'm also member of RCSF Singen, my local RC car club...
I drive a Sakura D3 CS Sport with 2,27 CS (the pulleys for stock cs 2,14 were sold out ^^).

Greets from the south of Germany \(^.^\)

Welcome, with a name like that I was expecting something more like, "日本につんでいます!”

Any picks of your ride?
Welcome to DM
welcome to the forums!!!
Welcome to DM!
Ive seen that green FC around.
This forum is the most active with the english speakers