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Just got my sprint 2 drift and put the battery in and powered up the remote and the car doesnt move anyone know what to do please help asap IM A NOOB
Is it a brand new car? Also just plugging in the battery doesn't turn on the car. There is an actual power switch that must be flipped once the battery is plugged in. I know it's obvious but making sure.
Well there is a help section! Lol but u should check all the connections! And make sure the batt is charged, and look for any wires that could possibly be loose, or check trim settings on the controller, and Epa on the throttle, those are most of the standard procedures:)
yeah everything seems to be fine ill make a video and upload it soon ?
So is it a new or used car? Would help to rule out a couple things
Yeah and also what controller and motor/esc combo as well!!
just the stock but its all good now fixed it up thanks everyone !!
So just curious, what was the prob!?
welcome to dm
Turn on the remote, then turn on the esc, wait a few seconds and it should make a funny jingle, in the meantime do not touch anything on the remote. It shoukd then be ready to drift :-)
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