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New to RC. Just bought the HPI Sprint 2 Drift.

I've ran the car about 5 times so far, getting better at drifting each time. No upgrades yet.

Welcome to DM! And that is a very decent car to start out with:) others on here have em as well!
Welcome! I have an s2 as well,very fun car to start out with.
welcome to the best hobby around
Welcome to DM many of us have that chassis. Feel free to post any questions or help you may need!
(06-05-2013, 04:45 PM)kidastra Wrote: [ -> ]welcome to the best hobby around

I dunno I love this hobby and been doing RC cars in general for a long time but I'd say something like Ferrari collecting would be better.

Welcome to DM!
welcome welcom... You getting better at drifting already? your a natural ^_^

You got to teach me!
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