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Full Version: High Wycombe Race Club (UK)
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My local track so if you lot ever do fancy a Euro trip, this I would 100% is worth adding onto your travels. Main drift night is Thursdays but one Sunday a month, they run an all day session.

The track
[Image: 392316_632173056810534_1184528564_n.jpg]

Video also

Flexible piping rather than solid barriers has been introduced so the track can be changed on the fly depending on the skill level and number of drivers who come and go. (bit annoying if you get stuck but no biggie). Always setup well for CS and 50/50 drifters but can get crowded depending on the time of the year.

Other days are used by micro's, 1/12's and bashers but the carpet is well looked after. More info can be found here - http://www.wycomberacing.co.uk/

Ill try and get more photos of the different tracks we run over the next few weeks.
That is an amazing trak! Lil far for me lol
sweet track!

Added to the global registry.
Nice track! Loved the cat and mouse vid. Looks alot of fun.
anybody know of any other indoor tracks further south like west sussex way ?
Interesting game. Looks like good fun.

Whats the rules with regards Tyres that can be ran here? May pop down as I will have some time on my hands in the near future to try carpet.