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Full Version: Hello Everyone!
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Hey there! I have been following drift mission's facebook page for quite some time and figured I would join the community to gain a better understanding of some of the ridiculous rides I see on there! I currently only own and HPI e10 drift, the rx7 body and have only upgraded to necessary aluminum parts and batteries, I'm not going to lie I have very little knowledge of how to truly customize these and unfortunately with photography as my main hobby and the owner of multiple cars, I don't find much budget for the fun of these! :(

I would love to turn my car into one of these masterpieces over time, and hope you guys can help me with questions along the way! I'm not looking to invest tons of money into it and I know I have one of the cheapest cars but thats okay with me! Its for fun!
Wassup buddy. Welcome. I started the same too. Im gradually making my way as well.. started with redcat 50/50, associated tc4, sakura d3, and playing with rwd. And its all fun.
welcome to dm
Welcome to DM:)