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Full Version: hello from France ^^
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Hello everyone, I'm Seb

I have been practicing the discipline for almost 2 years with a Yokomo Dmax HSS

Sorry for my limited English =L
welcome.. you have pictures of the chassis??
Welcome to the forums!
Wassup. Welcome.
Late I kno;) but welcome to DM:)
Thanks All B)

my Dmax HSS

- Cs 2.0
-One Way
- Xerun 8.5 60A
- Team Suzuki Aluminium Suspension Front and Rear Silver
- Pinion Gear 18T

Soon steering DPM

[Image: img7745i.jpg]

[Image: img7744k.jpg]

my Body :

RX7 Fc Yokomo

[Image: img6674mr.jpg]

[Image: img6680t.jpg]

and my 180 Toyo

[Image: img7684py.jpg]
Wow man, that thing look immaculate !!