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Full Version: Veteran rc user but first time on road / drifter
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Hey I'm josh from ontario Canada. I have been in the rc hobby for years but never played with specific on road vehicles. I am ordering a Sakura d3 very soon and might be getting a deal on a tamiya TA-04 that I will concert to drift. I also have a traxxas 4tec that I'm converting to rally. I'm an open book if you have any questions feel free to ask.
welcome to DM
Thanx for the welcome
Which 4tec is it, electric or nitro? Just wondering because I've been wondering how the electric 4tec would do as a drift car, it's the only other car (other than the MST's) that use a vertical pillow ball suspension.

Anyways, welcome to DM!
I have the nitro. But it's just a roller. I needs few parts to get it up and running it was in a box I bought off a friend who was getting out of the hobby
Welcome to DM Josh, I am Josh as well lol, glad to have ya!!