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Full Version: Lets see some VIP styled RC cars!!!
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like the title says, POST THEM VIP BODIES!!!!!

i'll start with my on going project, LS460.

[Image: 143_zps0392a87f.jpg]
[Image: 145_zps4e76978e.jpg]
[Image: 144_zps5812792e.jpg]
[Image: 140_zpsc3da7c5a.jpg]
[Image: 138_zps935de410.jpg]
[Image: 137_zpsa00cf8d7.jpg]
[Image: 136_zpsf2a378cf.jpg]
[Image: 127-1_zps9c05a840.jpg]
some action shots...Yes, it gets used! lol
[Image: 147_zpsa75250ff.jpg]
[Image: 148_zps7e39c9b2.jpg]

and Ants aristo i painted for him
[Image: 146_zps82eade31.jpg]
[Image: 149_zps47a56e07.jpg]
Nice.. I love big bodied cars... Love them in real life too.. Seeing a car like going sideways is awesome looking.. Great job!!!
Your shells always look so good, big fan of your work Mike :)
I love this thread!
Here mine, JZX100 VIP

[Image: TamiyaTA05-VDF130503_zpsab91fe40.jpg]

[Image: TamiyaTA05-VDF1305035_zps31e2de79.jpg]

[Image: TamiyaTA05-VDF13050313_zps3b32ddc8.jpg]
D-Like Lexus GS
What brand is that aristo? Looks great!
(06-14-2013, 11:37 PM)vroomin Wrote: [ -> ]What brand is that aristo? Looks great!

It's made by Overdose
[Image: 969638_397163577066632_785722584_n.jpg]

[Image: 600703_398582370258086_986395455_n.jpg]
My 275mm bodies are a bit racey to be VIP.

But I like the style.

here is my friends aristo.

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_11.jpg]


[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_DS_56.jpg]

You can see the alternate bumper that is held on with magnets here.

Easily the most boss thread on these forums!
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