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Full Version: hey every one
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hi every one im new to drifting i have just got a 3 racing d3 with a leopard v2 engine and esc the motor is 4370kv,i am using it on tarmac and keep spinning out all the time could any one give me some advice on what im doing wrong thanks
Welcome to DM!

Throttle control. Start off slow and go from there until you find you can control the car.
Welcome to DM and as mentioned, your throttle is paramount between drifting and spinning out (alongside other things). Learn to squeeze gently and gradually build up the power and watch the rewards rack up.

It does take patience so make sure you have stocked up on that too. :)
evern if i want to go in a strait line it just spins
I'm not familiar with hat chassis. Is it set up for counter steer? That could be one of the reasons, also could depend on suspension set up.
As mentioned, suspension setup is key, and also make sure there is nothing binding up the drivetrain(hair, dirt, string etc) as this will cause one of the wheels to spin faster than the other and force the car to oversteer
welcome to DM.

all countersteer cars have a natural tendency to want to "step out" this is especially pronounced by driving forward

the D3 has a very high CS ratio of 2.14, alot of this has been covered elsewhere on the forums but i will add the only thing to do is either learn to like it or lower the ratio by making all the center pulleys the same or the rear diff pulley larger
Wassup buddy, i too have a d3. I love it. I have played with different springs, shock oils, camber,and toe. And i have sensor brushless. Give you total throttle control, at lower speed. But in the end, you learn something. Just take it easy on trigger..
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