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Full Version: The OTT Yokomo C33 Laurel
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Alright, Lets get cracking

[Image: rSzQEl.jpg]

Cats out of the bag

[Image: TNfu9l.jpg]

Cut, And test fitting

[Image: s8MbDl.jpg]

Hood cut off, awaiting the arrival for the engine bay

[Image: uzxRFl.jpg]

All the aeroparts have been painted black :)

And the rims that will go on this.... GC GLITTER SPEC

[Image: rKA0yl.jpg]

[Image: Cmt85l.jpg]
lookin good! man can't wait to see that bay!
wow!! awesome! Please update once you finish it...
Cheers boys!

Here's a little Update  :)  

Aero Parts and Hood Painted Gloss Black...not that ill be using it that much  (The paint scheme of this C33 is Very aggressive street look)  

[Image: mHrKHl.jpg]
Very nice so far, wheels are different, have not seen any like that. Look forward to watching the process of this.
I love trips to the hobbystore, can you guess the colours?

[Image: HyT2Ml.jpg]
No guesses? I guess you guys dont like suspense ahahah  

Heres a little sneak peek, in full colour this time  (Excuse the crappy phone pics) :twisted:  :D  

No Hood

[Image: ErouKl.jpg]

With Hood

[Image: YGjCOl.jpg]

More to come!
naisu! B)
Thanks man :)  


[Image: cBqDcl.jpg]

[Image: URjscl.jpg]

[Image: RkwNHl.jpg]
Man, that looks awesome!! Forgive the noob question, but how do you mount the front of the body with the hood cut off?
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