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Full Version: 260mm 2 door sports v 275mm 4 door sedan
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[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_FD_Spirit_R_32.jpg]

[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_44.jpg]

Yokomo Samurai FC3s. (260)
Yokomo Mark X (275)

[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_45.jpg]
[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_46.jpg]

Camera angle is important.

[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_47.jpg]

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_FD_Spirit_R_31.jpg]

Yokomo JZX100 Kunnyz Chaser (275)
Tamiya FD3s (260)

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_FD_Spirit_R_34.jpg]

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_FD_Spirit_R_30.jpg]

the fd is way smaller than the FC also.
great comparison russ!
all we need now is the body to work on... the fd7 turn out really great, perfect cf match