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Full Version: BMW E30 art car
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It's kinda based on the Le Mans BMW art cars and somewhat a Gatebil car. It's alright for a weekends worth of work, I did it while watching Le Mans.

[Image: 9p2g.jpg]

[Image: 5rzp.jpg]

[Image: dyxl.jpg]

[Image: jnsz.jpg]

[Image: 8k0b.jpg]

[Image: a4qc.jpg]

[Image: ffcl.jpg]
Sorry for the bad interior pics, very hard to get a good shot.
[Image: hajw.jpg]

By the way, the wheels are custom made if you're wondering.

Thanks for looking.

that is a very nice body,and is this chassis from MST?
MS-01 chassis?

Looks hard! I like that a lot. The wheels just set it off nicely. Can see myself trying something similar. Very original that
Awesome dude! Especially the wheels

What did you use to make the turbine inserts? Tamiya wheels or something DIY?
Thanks everyone!

Nope, one of the last few running a VDF still. Runs very well for 3 - 4 years old. :p

They're a Styrene face based on old BBS Brake Fans on SpeedWayPal Slide Masters. Just glued on with CA glue, make sure you sand off the paint on the wheel though.

[Image: 82016219.jpg]

[Image: 45405387.jpg]

Very cool and creative! I like it! Not to mention my favorite chassis of bmw's
that dish, FTW
Thanks guys.

Oh yep, no dish. Not flush, not clean, not slammed, no poke or tuck or any trend going around now. ^^
That looks spot on....good work ;)
Nice work. Wheels turned out great. Be the next trend now.
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