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Full Version: hello
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Hello everyone

My name is Noel, living in France.
I'm new in RC drift, started with Tam TT-01D and now got a Yokomo DIB. ^^
Welcome to DM!!
Welcome to DM and nice upgrade! ^_^
bienvenue :)
Welcome to DM
Welcome to DM, be sure to post up pics of Yoko
Thanks all ^^

Here some pics of the chassis and the body.

- Cs 1.8
- One Way
- Xerun 10.5T 120A

[Image: g0zz.jpg]

[Image: v2we.jpg]

[Image: 9217737296_595bac6d6a_c.jpg]

[Image: 9214992009_d03f7b2a2a_c.jpg]
Salut! Je parle un peu français.