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Full Version: What's Up from California
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Hello everyone,
Just getting into this drift thing. Doing a build as soon as parts arrive! Actually, kinda starting this on a whim. I was looking through hobbyking.com and saw this
[Image: 25176_zpse1e9b3a0.jpg]
Turnigy TD10 (rebranded 3Racing Sakura Zero S) for only $83.00 shipped (using buddy codes)!
Can't wait for it to get here (it's going to be a while) but gives me time to research and figure out exactly what I want to do with it. Should be fun!
Im in CA as well!
Nice. I'm up north in a lil town called Fort Bragg. Its about 5 hours north of the Bay Area
Welcome to the forum, keep us updated on the progress of the TD10. Another good shop to check out for goods is - http://www.banzaihobby.com/
Shouldn't be a while, hobbyking ships fairly quickly. Sometimes 3-5 business days. Welcome to DM
Welcome to DM! And +1 on hobby king stuff;)
Thx all for the greetings! I like Hobby King and I know they are fairly quick for overseas shipping but even waiting a day for a new toy is a day too long for me lol
Hey welcome to DM !!!
I'm from Cali to ,i'm in Fresno but it seems like there's only me and my friend ...

Nice chassis ,good luck in your build man !!!
welcome to DM
Fort Bragg eh? Man that is up there. A girl I used to talk to went vacay up there before, looked hella nice. Something about beaches and trees that go well together.

At the $80 price range you might also want to consider the $78 Sakura D3. For $4 more you can get teh preassembled version as well.

Whichever way you go tho bro, welcome to DM!