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Full Version: The new guy from The East Bay, CA
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wussup yall!
The name is Mack and Im born and raised in the east bay, originaly from oakland but currently living in Vallejo. I enjoy hobbies in general, and this one is probly my favorite just because of the timelessness of the fun.

FIRST OFF YES I OWN A DRIFT STAR!!! (/HSP/redcat/etc...) and I gotta say I love my car! I originally bought it as a starter on road in general, and it did its job just fine as that, but once i caught the CS bug I had to check it out...but turns out alota people are HATIN' on this budget chassis hehe!!!
Alot of peope say that its cheap...theres no upgrades...no CS gears...etc...but this only forced me to investigate further. After doing so it seems that thre are pretty affective remedies to all those complaints...ebay pretty much has every part upgradable to aluminum, even different ugraded chassis materials! Even the yokomo CS gears fit with little modding and for me work just fine. As well as a few drop-in FOW gear options.

Now im DEFINATELY a beginner and that helps alot w/ being happy w/ my current chassis because i know upgrading is also always a possibility. So far however, upgrading/modding this lil putter has seemingly only added to the overall enjoyment in the hobbysport that is rc drifting. Making something ordinary do something awesome feels right, and for now thats where Im at.

But i guess thats why Im here right? Trying to learn new things yall!!! Wussup....!?!?!?
What up Mack!

I'm from Vallejo too but right now I'm in the Philippines. My buddies are still around though so maybe you may run into them though.

Napa Valley RC has (had?) a drift track that they would set up in the parking garage some nights across the street from their shop, you should give them a call.

We used to have a indoor private track in American Canyon right there by the flea market. But last I heard it was closed so Napa Valley RC could build an indoor off road track.

Whenever possible we would head to south City to go to Allspeed. Personally my favorite place to drift. Originally the plan was to make Sheldon's a regular spot but the rentals and the "Golden Gate Bridge" really took the fun out of the place.

I've been absent from this place for a bit now but I'll be around more often again. This has been one of the better rc drift forums on the internet, 50/50-CS-RWD it doesn't matter, welcome to DM!
welcome to DM!!!

if you can post up some DIY's so other hsp/redcat/flyingfish owners can benefit from your mods!
The DIY for the yokomo CS gear mod is actually from another forum (csjunkies), but much more technical than what I actually did to achieve success.

Oh and thanx for the welcomes!
Welcome to DM!! Late I kno heehee