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Full Version: new to everything
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whats up everyone. new member getting back into the hobby and first time into the drift side of it.
ive just ordered this http://www.broadtech.hk/eagleshop/shop/S...1V3-PL-126 to learn on.

any advice or suggestions on weak parts that i should replace would be appreciated.
welcome to DM!!

those kits are pretty nice for $100. theres not many upgrades to do aside from up the Counter Steer kit (CS)
i thought that was already set up for cs, do you have a link or suggestion on where to get a kit for this chassis
it comes with a super low 1.26 (26%) cs set already

broadtech makes a kit for that chassis to up it (cant find it atm hopefully someone else chimes in)
thank bud, hopefully some can help me out