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Full Version: Obsessed with excess!
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Hello all! Just a little about me I've been addicted to R/C for as long as I can remember. From buggy's to drifters, and Xmods to Monster trucks I can find something to love about others ideas on how to make this hobby their own. It's been about 8 yrs since my last full build so I've decided to have a go at it again. Right now I have 2 builds in mind that really express what I love about this hobby and cars in general. A electric scale street truck with drift parts and A nitro drifter with crawler parts. I look forward to input from this forum because some of the builds I've looked at in the past were just awesome to see progress. Hopefully I can give as much good input as I receive. Let the fun begin B)
Welcome to DM!!
I used to race xmods...had 26 of em hahaha!!
THX RCPHREEK... I still got 2 XMODS left a Gen1 civic and a Gen2 mustang. And an factory team TC3. I lost a lot of my RC's when we had floods here a few years ago. But if you can get it once you can get it twice.
welcome to DM!