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Full Version: Greetings from The Netherlands
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Hi there!

After spending some time reading here on this forum, I finally decided to sign up.
I live in the middle-east of The Netherlands, in a town called Zwolle.
I've been drifting rc cars for like 4 years now, and I made a team with my buddy from here called Blue ☆ Musketiers.

I've got only one chassis, the conversion for the TA05 made by Street Jam, the OTA-R Ver II.
I still need to get some bits and pieces in so it's not actually dialed in already...
The OTA has a CS-ratio of 1.45, which was actually 1.9 but that was too much for me.
Once it's dialed in, I will post some pics in the right section ;)

I hope I will have a good time here (I don't doubt that haha)

Cu around

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for taking the plunge and singing up.

1 chassis is enough, more is just a luxury not everyone has.

looking forward to see what you have in store for the forum.
Thanks for the warm welcome!
Welcome to DM!!
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to DM.
Welcome to DM! Can't to see what you have to share with the forum!
welcome to DM!!