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Full Version: Howzit from Oahu, Hawaii
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Hello from Hawaii everybody, came on to check this site and gain some knowledge from people over the internet about rc drifting.

This is my first ever belt driven r/c that i have owned it's a Tamiya Ta-05. Got the chassis used. I tweaked it up a little bit and it's currently standing at 65% cs.

This is my first ever body I've cut on my own. The first body I had in which you had to cut the stickers by hand. It came out alright but It still looks good.

[Image: null_zps05390081.jpg]

[Image: null_zpse8dac63b.jpg]

Changed front led to purple because white leds solder came off and had some leds laying around.

[Image: null_zpsce8eea34.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsda363a3c.jpg]

Finished product

[Image: null_zpsba0ba766.jpg]
Aloha, welcome to the forum friend!
looks like you have got a good start there.
keep up the good work
welcome to DM!!!
Nice BRZ!...Welcome to DM!