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Full Version: HI! From SF Now MD. Starting over where to drift here?
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Hi my NICK NAME is P so glad to be back and starting over on RC DRIFT just sold my YOKOMO SD worth over 1k about a year ago for $200 Painfuly regret that.

Today I officialy received my MST FS-01 and From ALLSPEED HOBBIES one of the most active Drift shop in the bay.
Also came in the mail today is a ABC hobby mazda savanna GT. So be on the look out for my WIP I will post soon. It should be interesting since I will be painting it by Brush which I had never done before.

Thanks Drift mission for starting a fresh forum!
(11-05-2012, 09:17 PM)robb41488 Wrote: [ -> ]welcome

Thank you, welcome to you as well and to anyone who checked this post.
welcome welcome