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Full Version: Help with battery fitting!
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Anybody knows how to fit this LiPo battery into the DIB? I've tried adding spacers to the upper deck, still couldn't fit. Thanks in advance!

Here's a link to the image of the LiPo... Can't add my image since the size is to big.

is it too tall? i had the same problem and just added a few spacers under the rear side of the upper deck. since u already tried that im guessing your sol. sometimes the cheaper lipos are a bit thick and just wont fit. its the result of having a high end chassis and trying to save a buck on the electronics. :/ can you add more spacers? i know the belt will rub on the upper deck if you add too much. youd have to remedy that by getting the belt tensioner from the grade up kit, or seperately, and take the pulley off and just use the bearings to lift the belt. you might have to relocate it also. here is a pic. you can see the modded tensioner and the closeness of the belt.

[Image: photo-12_zpsd319dcf2.jpg]
[Image: Rextreme_RC_DIB_275_13.jpg]

Yokomo batteries are much thinner than other brands.

If you buy yokomo everything fits.

Unfortunately for us living outside Japan, they are hard to get.

I have a 3mm spacer, but i had to run a second tensioner to allow the belt to come at a different angle also.

On my 275.

[Image: Rextreme_RC_DIB_275_19.jpg]
Thanks guys! Went to my LHS and they told me i have to get a new set of batteries... Thanks for the help! :)