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Full Version: Hailing from the US
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Add one more to the US! From what I've read it seems we are far down on the list to start drifting. About 3 years about I picked up a HPI Sprint 2 Drift RTR new and cheap. Got a battery and charger to go with it. Every thing is stock with a few exceptions. One is having different set of HPI wheels that what is came with. I've gone through one set of tires so far. Only had the car out about 10 times, just recently got back into running.

I usually drift solo in a local asphalt (black top) parking lot. Lately I've been practicing figure 8s in my garage on smooth concrete in a 12 x 20 area, just trying to get my close quarters control down.
Mods so far:

-Weighted from end with 20 quarters
-Locked rear stock diff (used installing 4 body pins across gears technique, easiest to undo if needed)
-Rear shocks mounted on outer hole on top, inner hole on bottom to stiffen rear end for more slide.

I know this isn't the best chassis for drifting, but I'm new to the scene and had to start somewhere. I wish there was somewhere close to my area that had a drift track.
Driftotron whereabout the US are you from?

The Sprint may not exactly be the 1st choice in drifting but it's not a bad one either.

DM member Frias65 runs one @ Allspeed in South San Francisco and is quite familiar with the chassis.

welcome to DM!
welcome to DM!!! where abouts are you from?
Wisconsin, near Green Bay.
welcome... wassup man i use to live in brodhead.. near beloit. but born and raised in texas. rather deal with snow than this heat that just gets worse every year.
Welcome to DM!:)
Welcome to DM!