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Full Version: Arizona Newbie
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For years I've been considering getting in to the larger scale slot cars. The SCX ones. I put it off because A) it was expensive (so is this), B) my daughter was too young, and C) the room the track will take up. But sometime over the past week I stumbled on to the drift cars and I'm sold. There's so many cool aspects to this hobby from the build to tricking out the body to the skill of drifting. Now I want to build a track in my back yard.. oh and get a back yard to build a track on.

I've been reading everything I can and trying to figure out where to start. And despite the quick fix of a RTR, I don't think I'm going to go that route. Today I don't have the cash to get in anyway. Although I'm thinking I will before the end of the year though (hopefully). So I'll probably get a kit that I can build from the ground up, learn how the chassis and all the components work together in that build process, and then it will allow me to get upgraded radio, parts, etc. I don't want to spend money on a kit where I replace half the parts.

Me.. I'm a 46 year old dad of 3. My kids are all pretty young. 2 under 2 and the other one is almost 8. I live in AZ and I'm a software guy.

I'll leave the questions about what chassis to get for the proper thread.

welcome to DM!
Thanks. I've been looking online for an rc drift scene around the phoenix area (east valley) but I'm not finding much. Although someone told me they saw something set up in a parking lot somewhere a few times. Tents and people racing. So there has to be someone here doing it. I need to hit up the local hobby shops and ask around.

Actually.. since the chassis thread is split into manufacturers.. and I haven't picked one yet.. I'll go ahead and ask here...

Also please forgive and correct me if any of my terminology is wrong. I want to learn and won't take offense.

I don't think I want a beginners kit. I want to take my time with the build, learn as I build about how things work together. For me tweaking it will be as fun as racing it.

What I think I want is a chassis that is very customizable and can be geared for countersteer. Something modern and lightweight. My research took me here: http://www.drccentral.com/old/rc-drift-chassis.html but I get the impression that page might be a little old and not have the latest offerings. I don't think they even mention MST. I don't know enough to completely scratch build. But if it was cost effective to just buy all the parts individually (and there were some reasonable plans on how to assemble it) I'd probably like doing that.

I also was thinking that I might have to run on asphalt most of the time for a while, so I was concerned about getting pebbles and crap sucked up in the gears. That would lead me to go shaft driven instead of belt. But at the same time I want to learn countersteer right from the start, so that probably means belt driven instead of shaft. I want adjustable suspension too.

Side question - are there any systems out there that can switch the countersteer ratios on the fly? Flip in to a 50/50 when doing straight away to avoid fishtailing and then back to countersteer when you want to drift more? Is anyone doing something like that?

So basically, I don't want to buy a kit and then tear it apart and replace half the parts. That seems like a waste. I'd rather build it from the ground up, get the right parts the first time, locked rear differential, proper countersteer gear ratios, etc. That also means I can work my way in to it (well maybe) price wise. I don't have to buy a radio and batteries right from the start. I can build my roller first and then shell out the next 300+ later for the radio when I get the money for that, etc.

So any advice is appreciated.
lets see if i can help answer your questions.

yes you do not want a begginers kit. RTR's are nice if you want to try, but if you want to stay you need a kit. (altho the mst RTR blurs the lines now since it comes with a front oneway and carbon decks)

noones doing 50/50 to CS because you would have to switch belts/gears and it would be overly complicated and bulky (the reason we run front one ways is once were up to speed the chassis bassically "unlock" the front wheels and turn "rwd" which makes rolling forward much much easier)

belt vs shaft is a long debated thing and honestly the new belts are SUPER strong and ive only broken 2 since 02'

definitly learn CS from the start. its a hard road but its very rewarding and youll make less 50/50 mistakes when CS'ing
(09-05-2013, 07:28 PM)robb41488 Wrote: [ -> ]...noones doing 50/50 to CS because you would have to switch belts/gears and it would be overly complicated and bulky (the reason we run front one ways is once were up to speed the chassis bassically "unlock" the front wheels and turn "rwd" which makes rolling forward much much easier)...

Great! I've read about the one way front but I don't understand what it is. I'll search it more. But that does sound like an easier solution than some wacky CS ratio shift.

So is the MST a good route then? I'm less worried about cost right now cause I've got to raise the funds to do this anyway. What's the difference to raise an extra 100. :) I'll do some research on MST tonight. Thanks!
no problem bud, thats what im here for.

basically a one way is a locker bearing. when the drivetrain is moving faster than the front wheels it will lock and spin the fronts. when the wheels are moving faster than the drivetrain or your not on throttle the oneway will act like a bearing and just spin free.
Welcome trance. Im in the same boat as you, and researching which chassis I want to grab. robb is giving some good info in here though, thanks robb. MST looks pretty good, just wish the S came in a non-assembled kit. I believe their only assembly required kit is the Pro. I too, want to build a kit for the knowledge on how everything comes together.
Looking at a few different chassis build on here I think I want one of the MST XXX shaft driven models. Possibly the new XXX HT when it comes out. wait.. OH.. I see.. that's the price for just the new suspension kit.. not a complete chassis. Man I picked the most expensive one didn't I.

This is a total newb question but those disc breaks on the MST.. are those functional breaks? If so what triggers them to break. Theres no channel on the radio to break is there?
thanks guys :) i try hard lol

the brakes are non functional. the calipers are plastic and the discs are metal
Thanks for the answer. I figured as much. I've seen talk surrounding ESC's that they control breaking.. but it's really just controlling the speed of the motor and with locked rear differentials no accel equates to rear breaking. Right?