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Full Version: G'day from Western Australia
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Hi All!

I'm Rossco, I've been a lurker of these forums for a while and thought now was a good time to sign up & join the community. ;)

I'm a noob to these forums but have been an avid RC nut for over 25 years and used to work for Hobbyking in HK (I manage a Hobby shop in Western Australia now).

I've raced 1/10 Touring and 1/12th indoor in that time but I'm mainly a flyer (Hotliners, Electric aerobatic and EDF jets mostly).

I started drifting about 4 years ago with a HPI E10 (Yuk!) but quickly moved on to belt drive chassis and Counter Steer.

These two chassis' are both Trf-416 clones with different MDF conversions, I bought and ran them with the Western RC Drifters a few years ago now.
[Image: 420961_10150592882530073_1392934039_n.jpg]

I still have the chassis on the left in the pic above - it's my back up / tarmac chassis (and it just won't die haha!)

I'm currently running an MST MS-01D Pro 1.65CS
[Image: 1117_10151662764090073_122049728_n.jpg]

[Image: 1151047_10151662763920073_2134686062_n.jpg]

[Image: 1176405_10151662764835073_211247521_n.jpg]

New V's Old!

[Image: 1230062_10151676715520073_1162085187_n.jpg]

[Image: 560853_10151676715785073_1852877403_n.jpg]

Current shells:
[Image: 1185439_10151676714990073_701370350_n.jpg]

[Image: 1240324_10151676715225073_601357664_n.jpg]

/end mega intro Lol
Welcome to DM!
welcome to DM nice shells
Welcome to DM!!
welcome to DM!