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Full Version: New member [CALIFORNIA]
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Hey guys. i'm a new drifter from California. I grew up racing 1:10 2wd stadium truck and 2wd buggy, big Team Associated fan boy. I'm 26, have a little one i'm starting to get interested in R/C. I started out with a Drift Star and got bored, moved up to a MST MS-01D (not enough time/tools to build from scratch right now, plan on a tear down and rebuild to VIP status.) I'm from central cali, near FRESNO and BAKERSFIELD. Just figured i'd say hi.
Welcome to DM!
Welcome to DM.
Wuddup! Welcome.
Welcome! I'm up in Northern Cali
Yup me too!
Welcome to DM! Fellow associated fanboi here;)
welcome to DM!