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Full Version: Hello from Denmark
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Hi Driftmission, this is my first post here.

I've been involved in RC drifting for a LONG time. I started back in 2006 ish and participated in the first european championship in 2008. I was one of the founders when we started the first national RC drifting series back in 2009, and I've been founder/judge/drifter ever since. I'm the only one who has taken part in all championship rounds since 2009, too.
I finished 2nd overall last year (was my best result in the national series), and I'm 2nd as we speak in this year's championship.
My current weapon of choice is a 1st gen Tamiya TRF417. I've previously had nothing but Tamiyas, so it's a list of the usual TB Evolutions (I've had a 5MS, and I still own a regular Evo3), TT, TA and TL series.

I am planning to sell the 417 after this season. I have yet to decide what make and car to go for, but I might get a Yokomo DIB or the new MST.
My shells are usually painted in the same metallic green and white (or silver) color scheme.

[Image: 459317-bil-tamiya-trf417]
My Aoshima Kenmeri from this years D1:10 European Championship in Rosmalen, NL.

[Image: 459312-bil-tamiya-trf417]
[Image: 459320-bil-tamiya-trf417]
[Image: 459318-bil-tamiya-trf417]
[Image: 459321-bil-tamiya-trf417]
The 180SX has seen quite a bit of action. I made it for my TB Evo5MS back in 2011. The fitment is the same for the 417, and as it has the usual durability of Yokomo shells I'm still using it to this day.
[Image: 459329-bil-tamiya-trf417]
[Image: 459330-bil-tamiya-trf417]
The danish team at the Euros this year.
Welcome to DM. Hope to see some more and possibly some video. Good luck with the rest of the season and keep us informed. Nice work on the bodies by the way as well. The photo of the 180 looks almost real, minus interior and driver lol.
Welcome buddy!
welcome to DM nice shells btw!
welcome!!! thanks for sharing :)
welcome welcome