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Full Version: Newbie in Fresno CA
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Hey guys/gals I'm new to rc drifting but familiar with nitro buggies.

Just got a Exceed Madspeed drift king and already outgrowing it!
Next purchase is a Sakura XI chassis

I'm located in Fresno, CA
Welcome to DM!
Welcome to DM!!
Welcome! My gramps is from fresno
Hey dude. I'm from Lemoore! Like 40 minutes south.
Thank you all and yeah Durkmcgurk I'm familiar with leemore good to know people are around!
Welcome to DM.
Did I hear Leemore??? **cling cling cling cling** hahaha Thats All I hear when someone mentions Leemore. I got relatives who trek there from Delano, CA
Lol yeah my girl works at the casino. Good to know there's ppl around haha Delano is only a little over an hour away. I have family in Bakersfield.
welcome to DM!
Hey whats up man ,nice to have you right here ,im fron mendota (thats in Fresno county if someone dont know it ) ..... i will like to meet you guys someday to throw a fun drift meet to know each others.... we are 2 and opefull wit you guys wull be even better.... pm me if you guys want to
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