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Full Version: ** ALERT ** Server Downtime - September 14-15
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Hi All!

As we continue to grow we have once again outgrown our current server! We are working this weekend to move over to a new dedicated server with much more horsepower!

This should help resolve the slow response time over the last 3 weeks and downtime.

Please bare with us!!! While the site is being transferred you will see the site go down, we are hoping for a speedy transfer! Stay Tuned!

Completed! Let us know if you see anything strange!
Working fine on my end!!:)
Nice to see,that the best rc drift site on the internetz is getting moar better!
Hey wilk, I was jw, is it me or is the chartroom different, it comes up with a weird white page with black words on it! Used to come up with a different scheme before:/
thats easy to solve. just use the style drop down to change the colors
(09-17-2013, 08:15 PM)robb41488 Wrote: [ -> ]thats easy to solve. just use the style drop down to change the colors

Not those colorsLolLolOmg^^
[Image: 4b1f921e3f6dac5ca99079ea33189f27.jpg]
(09-17-2013, 08:45 PM)RCPHREEK Wrote: [ -> ]Not those colorsLolLolOmg^^
[Image: 4b1f921e3f6dac5ca99079ea33189f27.jpg]

Can you try again?

Can't seem to replicate the error here as I don't have any iOS devices.
does the chat run on adobe flash? if so then that should be the case.. ios and newer androids dont do flash anymore due to switch to html5
pretty sure the chat is html5. weve never had an issue with it showing up on ios before :)
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