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Full Version: ¥€$ x Zombie Drift x Rcdrift-fr x Switzerland !!
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Hello All !

So I'm Roman or * ¥â‚¬$* in lots of forums, I'm from French part of Switzerland and I started RC Drifting two years ago. I'm a friend of the Swiss RC Drift Legend : STi-wings aka JP.

I'm the rookie of Zombie Drift Team and a big fan of oVomalteam.

And actually i drive a Yokomo D-Max and a Yokomo MR4TC-SD Type B.

Great Idea this forum !

See ya !!^^
welcome to DM
(11-06-2012, 05:38 PM)s.s.louie Wrote: [ -> ]welcome to DM

Merci (Thanks) ^^
welcome welcome
Welcome ^^
Thanks !!