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Full Version: WIP Weld JZX100
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here is my WIP Weld JZX100 Chaser project for My SCDM (Sons Of Chaos, Drift Mechanism)Team drift car.

[Image: DSC02436_zps9071a71b.jpg]
[Image: DSC02434_zps49bf108f.jpg]
[Image: DSC02435_zpsfcb48681.jpg]
[Image: DSC02472_zps51b003b6.jpg]
[Image: DSC02488_zps3995f15a.jpg]
[Image: DSC02490_zps63c97897.jpg]

[Image: th_MOV02493_zps4f7edb28.jpg]
(click on image to see video)

i will have to strip the outter coat of window tint on hood and redo because i got it to think and missed some spots but as of right now she is looking good i think
Looks cool.. Good job..
Nice lights :)