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Full Version: Drifting Video Games
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So I was wondering what drifting video games you guys enjoy playing and think are the best? I've never played any of the initial d video games although I know they're popular. The two games I currently play are the drift mania championship app, and VRC the rc car simulator.
Drift mania is pretty awesome and easy to pick up. The fee version only comes with like 3 tracks tho but the controls are fun and its a very well made app. VRC on the other hand is really more for touring and off road, but they've done us a favor and added drift tires to allow for some semi restricted drifting. The cool part about vrc is that since its a simulator u can use your on Tx for simulation. My flysky gt3b came with the USB necessary for plug and play. And there are a lot of tuning options even in the free section.

So has anybody else tried these before? And what else do u guys play?
what i play/used to play
live for speed(pc)
initial d(ps2/psp)

i really want to play the initial d 4th stage on ps3 but looking at game play makes me dizzy
Forza 4(Xbox 360)
I played need for speed drift, and drift mania I had the full version all unlocked and like the second highest score, phone broke, and lost it all:(((
For drifting believe it or not Grid is really good. For racing it sucks I know.

My personal favorite though is a little known Japan only PS2 title called Touge 3. It featured great mountain driving with good drifting characteristics and modifiable cars. Tons of fun but good luck finding a copy, I'm never letting mine go!
+1 for Grid
Awesome guys! Plenty of research for me to do now! Lol ya I hate PlayStation ever since Xbox came out so I'm missing out on all that...I'm thinking about grabbing one for cheap or trading my 360 for a ps3 when the next gens come out. Thank for all the responses guys!
Grid is to me one of the best for drifting.. I enjoy it very much..
I've been enjoying Forza Horizon for some adhoc drifting, since its a lot more forgiving than Forza4.

Can't wait till November to get my drift on Xbox One and Forza5!
+1 for Grid
Never had so much fun in a game.
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