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Full Version: Drifter Down Under
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Name: Hussain
Age: 14
Time Drifting: 4 Years.
Location: Sydney - Australia
My Blog: http://ketsukakiadventures.blogspot.com.au
Home Forum: http://driftrc.com.au

Im not all that good at introductions but ill give it a go.
I started out when i was 10, got my first rc for my birthday which was a kyosho TF-5, the more i fixed and drove it, the more i knew i would become addicted.- As some know im the youngest in the group of DriftRC (My home forum) and dont count that as a disadvantage as we'll let my driving do the talking at the next DriftRC comp. Im a approachable person so feel free to ask me anything about how i can improve your RC drift experience - whether it be at a drift meet or on here or anywhere else for that matter. Dont let my age get to you - i help people almost twice my age and they're just starting out with RC! Im active on quite a few forums so some of you may know me. This hobby of mine is self funded, and no i dont mean i do housework and get money, i fix, tune, build and service others rc's, another advantage of this hobby.

PS: Im a wiring freak so please mind my OCD-like habbit ahaha Shy

Current Rides:

Tamiya VDF 1.82 CS

[Image: gITs4l.jpg]

Slash 4x4

[Image: 6zLvul.jpg]

Current Bodyshell
The OTT Silvia S15 (Soon to be the OTT C33 Laurel)

[Image: f7Cnvl.jpg]
welcome welcome
Welcome here !  ;)
welcome hussain!
Sup Doriyaa